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Made Deli: Sandwiches made to your liking.

At Made Deli we take a very casual approach to life, but a very serious pleasure in providing good food and drink.

You probably have a fair idea of what you like so we've provided an open menu to allow you to pick exactly what goes into your lunch / breakfast.

Avoiding the queue...Order online

No one likes to queue and our little deli now gets pretty busy at lunchtimes, so we've created in interactive menu for online orders. Just click on the "order online" tab to check it out.

Please place all orders before 10.30am for lunch time pick up (after 12pm).

If you place your order online, just come to the front of the queue and let us know you're there and we'll have your lunch waiting for you.

Lunch Deliveries

We also deliver for orders over 15quid (within a 2mile radius). For larger orders (50quid and above) we will deliver within a 5 mile radius.

Outside Catering

We also offer an excellent outside catering service, check out our outside catering menu above for more details and booking information.